Paper Guide

100 lb. Gloss Book

A thicker paper great for booklet covers and brochures. Complete with a slight glossy finish, it displays brilliant colors with a slight shine.

100 lb. Paper Gloss

Slightly thicker than the average magazine paper, It is coated both sides with a gloss finish perfect for excellent shine, brilliant colors, and an overall great finish to your print. Typically used for Brochures, Booklets, Sell Sheets, Posters etc.

70lb Bright White Paper

This heavy premium paper type has a sleek ultra-smooth finish with high brightness that delivers crisp images. Commonly used for business envelopes and office stationery.

14 pt. Cardstock C2S

This is sturdy cardboard paper type with coating on both sides for a high-gloss surface. Great for use on Flyers, Door Hangers, Business Cards, Folders, etc.


This paper type is printed on one side with a sticky back side covered by peel-away paper. It can be coated or uncoated.


Premium paper with luster-finish, can handle very little ink load and creates excellent high color definition. It is usually used in magazines. It is ideal for photographic reproductions and posters.


Premium coated paper with an even, dull and non gloss finish but still offers great ink-holdout and excellent color images. It is ideal for photographic reproductions and posters.

Scrim Vinyl

Woven opaque fabric with excellent image quality and durability; Water-resistant and fade-resistant, it’s suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.